Vatel, Gerard Depardieu cook

FILM Vatel (UK, 2000)
Vatel is based on the life of 17th-century French chef François Vatel, starring Gérard Depardieu as Vatel. Francois Vatel is known as the great French chef who committed suicide in 1671 at Château de Chantilly, France over a seafood delivery for an extravagant banquet for 2,000 people hosted in honour of Louis XIV, that went wrong.

"I want you to make a masterpiece. 
Spun sugar, almond paste, fruit and flowers. 
Fruit and flowers in the color of flesh and blood"     

In 1981 Vatel gave his name to a hotel management school in Paris (it now has 31 Hospitality Schools worldwide). Thirty-three culinary students from the Institut Vatel, cutting, chopping, and slicing, made the kitchens and food scenes in Vatel look real. 
source Linda Civitello Cuisine and Culture: A History of Food and People