Babettes Feast "Truly the best turtle soup I had in years"

After spending 14 years in the service of two sisters living in a small Danish coastal town, widowed French mastercook Babette wins the French lottery. To reward the sisters for their kindness, she prepares an extraordinary banquiet. The religiously conservative and suspicious villagers don't know what to make of the pleasure this brings to their senses. Babettes Feast is a glorious celebration of haute cuisine.  

Turtle Soup
'19th-century American cookbooks advised homemakers that for the best turtle soup one should choose a turtle about 10 pounds in weight, as a smaller one would not have enough fat, and a bigger one would have too strong a flavor'. Nowadays it's mostly illegal to eat the protected sea turtles that are traditionally used to make turtle soup, and often replaced by oxtails.

Prepare your own Babette's Feast. (scroll down for recipes)

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