"He's studied noodles for 40 years"

Japanese Tampopo, a widowed noodle chef, who's helped to become a first class chef by truck driver Goro and friends. It shows the love of food, the making, the cooking, and the serving and consumption noodles. People who take noodles seriously, who read self-help books that instruct the eater to regard the pork affectionately while 'slurping' the noodles that have been activated by the soup.

"Master, soup first of Noodles first? First observe the whole bowl"

A Japanese Noodle Book
'Wagamama: Way of the Noodle', a Japanese noodle book containing 50 recipes for ramen, soba and udon noodles and their soup stocks and toppings. It also provides insights to the history of the noodle, Zen, and a day in the life of the world’s leading noodle restaurant, Wagamama 

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