Archie Bunker "What you call a balanced Meal"

Archie and Edith Bunker showing in the long-running and historic American television show. Archie Bunker outspoken meaning about politics and racism and the living in the 70s, has become part of the American history. Scene: Archie forced to a healthy diet to lose weight.

"God does not give man a belly, just to hang a button on"

Edith's Cookbook                                     
Archie's better half, his typical subservient middle-class housewive Edith, was fully dedicated to her husband and family, all day cooking, cleaning and taking care of her family. Edith Bunker's 1971 'All In The Family Cookbook' shows down-to-earth recipes (and inimitable comments) from the lady who cooked for TV's number one family. The book 'The Tumultuous History of All in the Family' tells the complete story of "All In The Family," the most widely viewed and perhaps the most controversial sitcom series in the history of television.

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