"A Woman's place is in the Kitchen"

The Cleavers are the 1950's 'All-American Family' in this 'feel-good' family sitcom, symbolizing the stereotypical 1950’s family and American life. Ward discusses with his son Wally about how 'a woman's place is in the home, and as long she's in the home, she might as well be in the kitchen'.

I Hate to Cook Book 
This 1960 cookbook just celebrated its 50th anniversary. The cookbook is for everyone who wants to get from cooking hour to cocktail hour in as little time as possible. But 'the real fun of flipping through this cookbook is peeking into American kitchens of half a century past - or at least those that weren't quite as enamored as Wally with Ward Cleaver's view of a woman's role in the kitchen'. 

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