"Doesn't the King know how to use a fork?"

French television film by Italian film director Roberto Rossellini. The film revolves around the French king Louis XIV's rise to power after the death of his powerful advisor, Cardinal Mazarin. To achieve this political autonomy, Louis deals with his mother and the court nobles, all of whom assumed that Mazarin's death would give them all more power.

Louis XIV (1638-1715) has gone down in history for his legendary reign from the palace of Versailles, and also for his legendary appetite. This king loved to eat!

The Worst Jobs in History: Royal Food Taster
"There have been many terrible jobs throughout history. One of the worst, and potentially most dangerous was that of the Royal Food Taster. 
No matter how wonderful the meal might have been, the royal food taster was in constant danger of death. The job was one fraught with risk, due to the great chance that a dish intended for royal consumption could be poisoned".
written by Erin Barrett

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