“Excuse me, Mr. Culver, I forgot what these peppers represent”

David Byrne of Talking Heads fame (American rock band) visits the fictional Texas town of Virgil, where he observes the citizens as they prepare for the Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the town's. Scene: Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Culver, a happily married couple who have not spoken directly to each other in years. Mr. Culver speech over dinner about the future of Virgil, exploiting the food on the table as a metaphor for the economic reality.

"Economics has become a spiritual thing. I must admit it frightens me a little bit. They don't seem to see the difference between working and not working. It has all become a part of one's life. Linda! Larry! There's no concept of weekends anymore!"

Talking Heads
No idea why a cookie would get this name, but in the Netherlands Ginger Snaps are called "Kletskoppen" (talking heads). Kletskop means someone who really talks a lot. Some say it's because the sugar starts simmering (chatting) in the oven.

Dutch only

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