Nastassja Kinski Strawberries, the Fruit of Temptation and Seduction

FILM: Tess (1979, France / UK) 
Tess is a 1979 romance film directed by Roman Polanski, an adaptation of Thomas Hardy's 1891 novel Tess of the d'Urbervilles. It tells the story of a strong-willed, young peasant girl (played by Nastassja Kinski) who finds out she has title connections by way of her old aristocratic surname and who is raped by her wealthy cousin (Leigh Lawson), whose right to the family title may not be as strong as he claims. 

Strawberries, the Fruit of Temptation and Seduction
Greek mythology firmly places the origins of the wild strawberry with the Goddess Aphrodite who, upon the death of the beautiful, but mortal Adonis wept with such passion that her tears fell to the ground as small red hearts... strawberries. Not surprising, then, that in the Middle Ages, strawberries became known as the fruit of temptation and seduction. ©aboutGreekfood 

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