Goodfellas "Shave the garlic with a razor blade"

FILM Goodfellas (1990)
Based upon Pileggi's non-fictional book 'Wiseguy life in a mafia family', Goodfellas shows three decades of the day-to-day life as a member of the New York Mafia. Scene: the Prison dinner. 

Garlic cloves to be sliced "Goodfellas Thin", has become a popular instruction in many recipes.

The Scorsese Family
Catherine Scorsese, mother of film director Martin Scorsese, cooked for cast and crew on the sets of her son's movies. Food in this film is based on the Italian-American Scorseses culinary history and published in Catherine's cookbook ItalianAmerica: The Scorsese Family Cookbook. Accompanying the recipes are photos and anecdotes covering three generations of Scorseses, moving from Sicily to New York's Little Italy.

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