"Is there anyone who doesn't like the taste of Sweet?"

Astrid's Lindgren's wonderful creation of every childs dream, the Swedish rebel Pippi in the childhood paradise!

Like a kid in a candy shop!!

Eating Spaghetti with scissors
Every knows how Pippi is eating spaghetti: with a scissor. Astrid Lindgren's Dutch cookbook 'Spaghetti met een Schaar' (only Dutch), is filled with exciting recipes children can make independently. Raspberry lemonade and doll sandwiches of cream cake with pink sugar to bacon pancakes.

Only Dutch
* Fondant is a sweet made out of milk or cream, sugar and a flavoring such as vanilla or cacao. It is usually eaten in the period around Saint Nicolas Feast (December 5th), and is one of the sweetest things you can prepare yourself.

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