"Leave the gun, Take the Cannoli"

An epic tale of an Italian Mafia live in New York during the 1940s and '50s.

Take the Cannoli
Cannoli are sweet Sicilian pastry desserts. "Leave the gun, Take the Cannoli" is possibly one of the most memorable line in film history, meaning leave the past behind (The gun is the awfulness of the past), and look into the future (the cannoli is the anticipation of a sweet future).

Cannelloni: another 'exciting' Italian rolls, also filled with ricotta.
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Paul said...

You are way too philosophical. Leave the gun because it's an untraceable throwaway. Take the Cannoli because you don't want to miss out on the classic Italian dessert pastry. Especially after a job well done!

Parvodyne said...

Not too philosophical at all. That's the takeaway from a pivotal point in the story.

Unknown said...

Paul you are exactly right Mafia people were not interested in philosophy, especially low level Hitman

Anonymous said...

I think that could be a deeper meaning, but when I watched the movie, i just took it that they were so comfortable with that kind of behaviour, they were still concerned about what they were going to eat later. Like to regular people, being involved in that scenario would be horrifying and stressful. Clemenza was just relaxed and hungry