The Bicycle Thief "We'll eat and be happy for now"

Vittorio De Sica's moving drama of desperation and survival in Italy's devastating post-war depression. A desperate father whose new job delivering cinema posters is threatened when a street thief steals his bicycle, spending his last money in a restaurant.

"To eat like them, you have to earn a million a month"

Poor man's meal: Pasta Puttanesca
There are many myths behind the story of puttanesca sauce (tomato subo; anchovies; spicy peppers; garlic and black olives). The most popular one gives credit to prostitutes in Naples for inventing this easy sauce, as it was a quick, cheap meal that prostitutes could prepare between customers.
But Puttanesca is also known as 'poor man's food', which everyone can prepare with the leftovers in the Kitchen. 

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