Lumière: "Feeding the Baby"

FILM Repas de bébé (Feeding the Baby) 1895, France  
Feeding the Baby is one of the films that mark the official birth of cinema as a theater-going experience, on December 28, 1895. On that date, Louis Lumière and his brother Auguste projected a program of short films to a paying audience at the Grand Café on the Boulevard des Capucines in Paris. Filmed by Louis, it shows Auguste and his wife having a meal with their child in the countryside. ©moma

The History of Baby Food
The baby bottle museum site is covering the history of infant feeding through the ages; photographs and drawings of historical bottles and feeding utensils, descriptions of their use and their place and impact in society.


"Proprietary or artificial infant foods became available on a commercial basis, thanks to pioneering efforts of Justus von Liebig, who marketed his "perfect" infant food in 1867. His "formula" was a mixture of wheat flour, cow's milk and malt flour cooked with bicarbonate of potash to reduce the flour's acidity. "Patent" or "instant" baby foods manufactured by Nestle's and Horlick's contained dried cow's milk with starch or malt and Mellin's Food was made with desiccated malt extract". ©babybottle-museum

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