Gummo: Spaghetti in a bathtub

Gummo is a 1997 American independent drama written and directed by Harmony KorineThe film is a series of seemingly unrelated vignettes depicting the hopeless, nihilistic lives of the residents of Xenia, Ohio, a small Midwestern town that had been previously struck by a devastating tornado.

Bacon taped to the wall?
In the scene where Solomon's eating spagetti in the bath, there's a piece of bacon taped to the wall behind him. This famous bacon-taped-to-wall scene grew from one of the houses they were filming in, in which the occupant actually did tape pieces of bacon to the wall.


Werner Herzog told the New York Times "When I saw a piece of fried bacon fixed to the bathroom wall in Gummo, it knocked me off my chair. Korine's a very clear voice of a generation of filmmakers that is taking a new position. It's not going to dominate world cinema, but so what?"