Dušan Makavejev’s Love Affair; Strudel

FILM Love Affair, or The Case of the Missing Switchboard Operator 
(1967, Yugoslavia)
The story of the tragic romance between a young telephonist (Eva Ras) and a middle-aged rodent sanitation specialist (Slobodan Aligrudic) in sixties Belgrade is an endlessly surprising, time-shifting exploration of love and freedom. 

"The Strudel is a pastry with a sweet or savory filling rolled up in a very thinly stretched dough. Traditionally, Strudel dough is made from scratch out of high-gluten flour, water, and oil. Preparing the dough is manually intensive. It requires an intense kneading period to develop the gluten strands, followed by a resting period for the dough. This gives the dough the elasticity it needs to be stretched into a very thin sheet - so thin that it is almost transparent." @germanfoodguide 

RECIPE: How to cook the perfect apple strudel @theguardian

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