Robin Williams Mrs Doubtfire "Pinch of Basil"

FILM Mrs. Doubtfire 1993
Starring Robin Williams, dressed up as a 60 years old housekeeper, to secretly take care of his children after a bitter divorce. Scene: reaching over the stove Mrs. Doubtfire fake rubber chest catches on fire. Putting out the fire with the two pot lids he spoke the memorable line: "I've only been a woman for a day and already I'm getting hot flashes!"

"This Hollandaise smells like burnt rubber".

Hollandaise Sauce
Hollandaise sauce is an emulsion of egg yolk and butter, usually seasoned with lemon juice, salt, and a little pepper. It doesn’t come from the Netherlands, as the name implies. It's one of the basic mother sauces of classic French cuisine and called Hollandaise because Holland used to be the land of butter.  

In the film 'Julie and Julia', the first recipe Julie cooked from Julia Child's cookbook 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking' was Artichokes with Hollandaise Sauce.

RECIPE Hollandaise
To prepare Hollandaise requires some skill and knowledge. The temperature must be closely controlled. Too much heat and yolks will curdle or an emulsion break. Too little heat and an emulsion will fail to form, or will solidify. It's a kind of molecular cooking 'avant la lettre'.

Watch here (one of many ways by 'The Culinary Institute of America') how to prepare a Hollandaise sauce. 

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